Under the concept of Game Based Learning (GBL ) we understand the use of computer or Internet-based games for teaching and learning purpose.
Thereby a distinction is made between competences / skills, which are learned by playing a traditional computer game (eg social skills,...) and educational games designed specifically for a particular subject or content area.
One goal is the development of new motivation and learning methods that are - in one hand  - part of a didactic curriculum standards and requirements, on the other hand, adapted to the needs and wishes of children and adolescents.
In Austria, there are already many working groups dealing with various aspects of the Serious Game-Based Learning. Here is a first overview of different didactical aspects and GBL implementation in a lesson.
Many of these approaches have been worked out by Austrian teachers (from primary school through to secondary education) as part of their teaching and training activities. The project is supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education (bmukk), especially by Dr. Christian Dorninger MR and other departments.
This site tries to
document and centralize relevant GBL-infomation. As part of trend scouting activities, current trends and already practiced GBL-learning-methods are made visible and accessible.